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Research Information


Researchfish is an online facility which aims to help research funders to track the impacts of their investments, and researchers to record the outcomes of their work.  Researchfish was adopted in 2013 as the Research Councils' harmonised research outcomes collection system from September 2014, and the system is also used by over 70 other funders. The Researchfish system also offers a range of functions which aim to enable institutions to support their researchers in returning information to the Research Councils.

Researchers and their delegates can enter into Researchfish details about the publications, collaborations, intellectual property and patient outcomes that they have been awarded funding for and assign each entry to their relevant funding organisations. Researchfish aims to allow all of a PI’s grants to be viewed in one place, and reported on easily. Once an output or outcome is attributed to a specific award, the funder for that award will be able to see the data you have attributed to them. Funders cannot see outputs or outcomes attributed to other organisations.

There is a video tutorial available here. Researchfish also hold a weekly training webinar for researchers; for more information or to sign up visit

The University's use of Researchfish is managed by the Research Operations Office and more information, instructions and support can be found on the ROO website here.