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University of Cambridge research outputs (as collected in Symplectic Elements and synchronised with our Altmetric Institution Explorer) have now accumulated more than half a million mentions from a variety of  different sources.

Altmetric is a system that tracks the attention that scholarly articles and datasets receive online, over and above traditional academic citation counts and Impact Factors.  It does this by pulling in data from a range of sources including traditional media, online reference managers, policy documents, wikipedia, the open syllabus project and peer review forums as well as social media.

Last month alone saw more than 10,000 mentions of University of Cambridge outputs. 

Different types of mention

All University of Cambridge personnel can now browse Altmetric for Institutions on Cambridge-networked computers; and or can access it anywhere via RAVEN as individual account. Individual accounts have enhanced functionality, including email alerts, custom groups and workspaces.

Click here to find out more about Altmetric.