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This gif image has been generated using the network analysis tools we have been exploring at the Research Strategy Office. This network shows the Cambridge authors who have co-authored a paper with another author at Cambridge. The yellow highlighted sections are thematically linked groups of researchers across the set.

Taking this kind of contextualised approach shows the manner in which some research themes are closely tied to each other. In these areas researchers may be contributing to a realtively discrete research area, or to a collection of closely related disciplines. For some research themes, the highlighted areas look quite sparsely connected. These are frequently areas where a research method has been applied to a collection of different disciplines producing new research and interesting collaborations. By looking at the network as a whole we can start to see patterns in the leaps between disciplines; what sort of research spans and contributes to many areas at once, and where unusually high levels of activity may indicate an area of concentrated research collaboration.

Image made with Gephi.

Access the original gif here:

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